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Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Mobile concrete batching plants are an ideal solution for clients who wish to:

Produce concrete:
  • as close to a project site as possible
  • in project locations further away than what would normally be feasible
  • across multiple sites
  • on temporary sites operating for a limited period of time
  • in compact sites where space is limited
  • without the risk of investing in expensive civil infrastructure works
  • without the need for a permit
  • where extra short-term capacity is required to meet demand
  • at lower risk with greater financing options available with a mobile plant
  • whilst reducing the number of vehicle movements on the road


Projects where mobile concrete batching plants can add value include:
  • Construction of large out of town warehouses
  • Large inner-city construction projects
  • Roads/highway surfacing
  • Tunneling
  • Bridges
  • Windfarms
  • Utilities
  • Nuclear
  • Remote locations
  • Existing sites (added capacity)
  • Low-risk testing of new market opportunities

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