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Aggregate Storage Bins

There are several options available with our top-quality Aggregate Storage Bins.  We are able to accommodate any manufacturing requirements you may need.

We offer Low-Level Aggregate storage Bins, which can be ramp fed with a Front End Loader, or not ramp fed depending on the height of the cribs. Our Aggregate Bins typically range from 10.00 Tonnes in Capacity up to 50.00 Tonnes in Capacity.

We offer larger Bins that are Radial fed, and these typically range from 40.00 Tonnes up to 100.00 Tonnes. Though we can build larger Aggregate Bins based on what the customer desires.

Our Aggregate Bins are built using a minimum standard of 6mm steel all over and come with 6mm wear plates inside as standard. Overall, a minimum of 12mm steel is used on wear points to improve longevity.

We also offer the option of Aggregate, Low-Friction Bin linings to help with the flow of problematic materials. Ensuring better flow, as sometimes the use of just a vibrator can compact a sticky material.

Blending Bin Units

Our Blending Bin Units can come with between 2 and 4 bins and can be mounted on skids or be fully mobile. They feature top quality construction and we only use components with proven quality.

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