Command Alkon installed in TBS plants - Total Batching Solutions LTD.

Command Akon run TBS concrete batching plants!

At TBS, we only use the best equipment and software in the design and manufacture of our batching plants, therefore we are proud to offer Command Alkon Incorporated COMMANDbatch as an operating system option to run your TBS concrete batching plant.
Providing minute-by-minute alerts, a Precision Temperature System, multiuser/remote control, and a 24/7 365 helpdesk service, COMMANDbatch offer one of the best operating solutions, while ensuring quality through Command Alkon’s many years of experience in the construction industry.
COMMANDbatch has been installed in some of our most recent mobile batch plants.
Speak to the TBS team today, for more information on how a COMMANDbatch run TBS concrete batching plant can help maximize your construction project's potential.
Find out more about the Command Alkon software HERE.
Picture: Philip Magowan ©Philip Magowan Photography[/caption]



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