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Handy Concrete’s Bespoke Static 60 mᶟ per hour Dry Mix Concrete Plant

As one of the first major batching plants envisioned by TBS back in early 2016, Handy Concrete’s Penrith static 60 mᶟ per hour dry mix concrete plant was designed specifically to fit the needs and purpose of the site and client. Finished in ‘Goose Wing Grey’, the plant contains two 60 tonne upright silos,  three 25 tonne aggregate ins, a new batch cabin with a number of weight conveyors installed to maximize plant efficiency.


Plant design breakdown:

The aggregate bins consists of 3 x 25 tonne aggregate bins with a weigh conveyor in a neat and tidy enclosed unit finished with box profile cladding in Goose Wing Grey. The bin unit is positioned on a lower level on the site and is loaded from the upper site level so reducing the plant foot-print by negating the need for a loading ramp. The bins can be loaded with a standard loading shovel from the upper level making it easier, safer and faster for the loading shovel operator and causing much less wear and tear on the loading shovel.

There is one double door access point in the lower weigh-belt section of the unit giving excellent access and egress to the unit for cleaning and maintenance.

The weigh conveyor feeds onto a twin rail chassis design inclined conveyor with a flat belt driven by a Nord geared motor unit providing the best in both efficiency and reliability. The conveyor chassis is also finished in Goose Wing Grey. The handrails, stringers and threads are galvanised, the conveyor guards, covers, drip trays and drip tray termination chute are also galvanised which looks good and provides excellent corrosion protection.

The inclined conveyor feeds up to the fully enclosed batch tower which is sheeted to base level with box profile cladding also finished in Goose Wing Grey. The first floor of the tower houses the inclined conveyor head section, the discharge chute entry box with cement entry pipe and water entry pipe. The cement weigh hopper is mounted on compression load cells on the floor above directly over the entry box. The batch tower is compact, but having the first floor equipment centralised makes everything easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance.

In order to maximise the first floor space a safety ladder leads to the top floor of the batch tower which is the same size as the lower floor and contains the upper section of the cement weigh hopper with spare blanked inlet to allow for an additional powder and fitted with a HopperJet filter, the heads of the screw conveyors, the internal plant water tank, water pumps and the metered water system. All of which are easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance.

At the outlet end of the discharge chute above the discharge sock there is a mist ring to minimise dust emissions during the loading process. At a lower level there is also an easily accessible truck fill point.

To the left of the batch tower there are two 60 tonne upright silos all with state of the art silo safety systems. Each silo has a single cone outlet. Roof access is via a vertical safety ladder with intermittent rest platforms to silo 1 and crossover walkway to silo 2. The powders are delivered to the weigh hoppers via WAM 219 screw conveyors with air actuated butterfly valves at the discharge end to guarantee weigh accuracy and negate powder after run. The silos and access ladder are also finished in Goose Wing Grey.

A new batch cabin / canteen unit with a galvanised stand and access steps were also provided and installed on this Handy Concrete site.

A straight forward, tidy plant which is easily maintained and economical to run.


Handy Concrete’s Bespoke Static 60 mᶟ per hour Dry Mix Concrete Plant

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