Gallagher’s ultra-modern static 80 mᶟ per hour wet mix concrete plant.

The aggregate bins consist of 5 x 50 tonne aggregate bins with a weigh conveyor in a neat and tidy enclosed unit finished with box profile cladding in Gallagher livery green. The bin unit is sunken in the site so reducing the plant foot-print by negating the need for a loading ramp. The bins can be loaded with a standard loading shovel from base level making it easier, safer and faster for the loading shovel operator and causing much less wear and tear on the loading shovel.

The front top section of each bin can be quickly hinged down or completely removed giving walk in access at grid level when required.

There are two double door access points in the lower weigh-belt section of the unit giving excellent access and egress and also allows natural light to enter the unit for cleaning and maintenance.

The weigh conveyor feeds onto a twin rail chassis design inclined conveyor with a chevron belt driven by a Nord geared motor unit providing the best in both efficiency and reliability. The conveyor chassis is also finished in Gallagher livery green. The handrails and stringers are galvanised and then high quality powder coated green, the threads are galvanised and the conveyor covers are finished in high quality powder coated Gallagher livery white which looks fantastic and provides excellent corrosion protection.

The inclined conveyor feeds up to the ultra-modern batch tower which was specially designed for Gallagher’s. The shape of a standard batch tower which is basically a rectangular box shape was just bland and too industrial looking. Gallagher’s wanted something different and modern, a structure which would both project the company’s modern and innovative image and make the Gallagher’s brand stand out from the crowd.

The batch tower is curved front and rear, enclosed in box profile cladding which is finished in high quality powder coated Gallagher tri-colour livery.  Green lower section, white top section with a red band close to the bottom of the white section. All at the exact proportions to duplicate Gallagher’s equipment and buildings livery.

The inclined conveyor feeds into a Pemat PM 3000 mixer. The mixer is equipped with dual discharge doors, dual access doors with fortress trapped key system, a fibres loading chute and a mixer washout system with four fully retractable 360° high pressure heads. Suspended above the mixer are twin cement weigh hoppers, the water weigh hopper and plant internal water tank.

The mixer deck is spacious with good access to all the equipment. The plant compressor and mains electrical panel is also on the mixer deck level but are in a separate sectioned off dust free area.

A set of steps leads to the top floor of the batch tower which is the same size as the lower deck with just the heads of the screw conveyors, admixture system and gantry rail on this floor it is ideal for storage of fibres and spares. The overhead gantry rail can be used to lift fibres and spares from ground level through the canter-lever doors on the side of the tower and onto the top floor for storage.

Behind the batch tower there are three 100 tonne upright silos all with state of the art silo safety systems and ground level testing facility. Each silo has twin cone outlets giving the option to add another screw conveyor if required. Roof access is via a vertical safety ladder with intermittent rest platforms to silo 1 and crossover walkways to silo 2 and silo 3.

The powders are delivered to the weigh hoppers via WAM 273 screw conveyors with air actuated butterfly valves at the discharge end to guarantee weigh accuracy and negate powder after run. The silos and access ladder are also finished in Gallagher’s tri-colour livery.

A 30,000 litre fresh water storage tank with access ladder and pumping system and a radial arm crane were also designed, manufactured and installed by TBS for Gallagher’s Ashford site.

All in all an impressive looking plant with performance to match.

MB130 SE Ultra Mobile Batching Plant Video


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